The first week of school was truly an inspiring and exhilarating experience. The first day of school was on my birthday, which I was really excited about. It was an amazing day filled with meeting my new classmates and listening to speeches by the president of the school and naturopathic doctors (Dr. Andrea and Maxim and Dr. Raza Shah).  We then had the opportunity to participate in the Unity Summit at Teen Ranch in Orangeville as orientation to get to know our classmates.

Unity Summit was a lot of fun. I got to know many of my classmates, go horseback riding, listen to a couple more NDs talk about their experience at the school and working life and eat lots of great food! The theme of our class is IGNITE, symbolizing unity, perseverance, etc. My favourite part was listening to the NDs talk about their experiences. Just listening to some of their stories gave me goosebumps as I am truly excited to one day, be given the ability to positively impact the lives of other individuals through naturopathic medicine. Lots of emotions run through your mind when first starting something new such as anticipation, fear, excitement and happiness. I know that January 7, 2013 was the start of the rest of my life and I am immensely excited to IGNITE the FLAME with the Class of 2016. 

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